This remarkable book shines a fierce light on the current state of liberty and shows how longstanding restraints against tyranny-habeas corpus, trial by jury, due process of law, prohibition of torture and the commons-are being abridged. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Events in April and May

25 April 2008
lecture and book signing
Historical Materialism 
First North American conference
Toronto, Canada

May Day 2008
"The Commons and Magna Carta" 
Bristol Radical History Association
Bristol, U.K. 


27 March 2008
Book Signing
The Seminary Co-op Bookstores
1301 East 57th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

26 March 2008
Lecture, History & Sociology
Loyola University
Chicago, Illinois

March Radio Interviews on MCM

12 March 2008
"The Journey Home Show" 
radio interview with Diego Mulligan
KSFR, Santa Fe, New Mexico

11 March 2008
"The Peter Werbe Show" 
Detroit, MI

3 March 2008
radio interview with Krys Boyd, "Think" 
KERA, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

XVth E.P. Thompson Lecture

28 February 2008
XVth E.P. Thompson Lecture
University of Pittsburgh


20 February 2008
Reading, Discussion, Signing
Law School, University of Toledo

Ann Arbor Signing

7 February 2008
Reading and Signing 
Shaman Drum Book Store
Ann Arbor, MI

New York Launch

2 February 2008
Reading and Signing
Bluestockings Book Store, Manhattan, New York

1 February 2008
Michael Ratner & Peter Linebaugh at the New York Launch
Dee Dee Halleck, "Magna Carta," Hand Held Visions

31 January 2008
Lecture on The Magna Carta Manifesto
Atlantic Studies Program
New York University

31 January 2008
Radio interview with Doug Henwood
"Behind the News," Pacifica Foundation, WBAI, New York

31 January 2008
Radio interview with Michael Smith
The Lawyers' Guild, KPFK, Los Angeles

29 January 2008
Radio interview with Michael Ratner
"Law & Disorder," Pacifica Foundation, WBAI, New York

Early Publicity

The Magna Carta Manifesto was published on February 10, 2008. The author began speaking on the Magna Carta and the Commons first in India in January 2005, then in Bristol in Novemberr 2006 and again in April 2007 at Berkeley City College in California. 

What follows is a list of the publicity prior to publication. 

26 December 2007 
Seminar with Gustavo Esteva, Universidad de la Tierra
Oaxaca, Mexico

15/16 December 2007
"A People's Penny for the Magna Carta"

7 December 2007
Lecture, "The Commons and Magna Carta"
Conference, "From Magna Carta to the Sky Trust: Historical Arc of the Commons"
Center for 21st Century Studies, 
University of Milwaukee Wisconsin

10 November 2007
Presentation, "1968 Confidential!" Movement for a Democratic Society,
Loyola University, Chicago, Illionois

27 October, 2007
Keynote Address, "The Commons and Magna Carta"
Hudson Bay Company, Canvassers' Conference
Paducah, Kentucky

27 April 2007
Keynote, "The Commons: From Magna Carta to May Day"
Crisis of the California Commons, California Studies Association
Berkeley City College, Berkeley California

27 November 2006
Interview with Michael Portillo, "Things I Forgot to Remember"
chosen as "the Pick of the Week" 
BBC Radio Four & the Open University the arts/history/magnacarta.html

3 November 2006 
Keynote, "The Commons and Magna Carta" 
Bristol Radical History Association

3 May 2005 
"Magna Carta and May Day" 

7 January 2005 
Keynote Address, "The Commons and Magna Carta" 
Delhi, India